14 June 2018  5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

The Keep, Woollards Way, BN1 9BP

2018 marks the 120th anniversary of the death of Brighton-born artist Aubrey Beardsley. In this illustrated talk, Alexia Lazou presents an armchair tour of the city, exploring the buildings and places associated with the artist’s early life, including his birthplace in Buckingham Road and Brighton Grammar School, where his love of drawing was nurtured. Original material from The Keep’s archives will be on display, including school magazines featuring Beardsley’s poetry and illustrations, and volumes of the Yellow Book. Continue Reading »


In this article David Foot addresses the issue of interest-only mortgages, and, more specifically, a shortfall of funds with which to repay them when they fall due.

This is inspired by a case that I have been dealing with recently. My client, a lady in her mid-forties, was sold an endowment mortgage; an interest-only borrowing facility with a life assurance and savings plan alongside, intended to provide the requisite life cover, and a tax-free lump sum enough to repay the borrowed amount, and, hopefully, a tidy little nest-egg over and above that.  Continue Reading »

Surrey Street

Whilst the loss of a retail unit at No.23 might be regretted in a location so near to Brighton station, the proposal to convert this redundant shop to a studio flat is to be welcomed because it would greatly improve the appearance of this part of the West Hill conservation area. According to the Council’s West Hill character statement, Surrey Street was laid out (as a thoroughfare) between 1836 and 1841. The two storey houses on each side of the street are unlisted but probably date from the 1840s, and with their bow fronts and roofs hidden behind parapets and accentuated by moulded cornices, they give the terraces a strong architectural character. Continue Reading »

The Madeira Terraces in Kemp Town were built in 1890 as a tourist attraction by Brighton Borough Council.  Sadly, 130 years later they have become unsafe and have been closed off.  During an annual inspection big cracks were noticed in the Terraces. A survey was later carried out, which revealed that the cracks were due to the structure being built without expansion joints, and also that the girders that make up the walkway were all corroded. The estimated cost of restoration was £24m. Continue Reading »

I have a friend who says he won’t pay more than £6 for a bottle of wine. I tell him he’s barmy. Wine making is a slow, difficult, and expensive business. It’s true that wine does come cheaper than £6 but it’s an industrial product, without individuality or character. If you do find one with flavour it’s probably come from oak chippings suspended in the wine like teabags. But, my friend persists, what’s so expensive about making wine? Continue Reading »

Spring – Coming Soon

The Annual General Meeting of the West Hill Community Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and the committee elected, will be held at 7:15pm on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at West Hill Hall.

The aims of WHCA are to maintain  West Hill Hall for community use and to publish The Whistler to encourage communication in the local area. Refreshments and bonhomie are free.  All are welcome. The business of the AGM  will be followed at 8:00pm by our perennial favourite, the Quiz. Things are never taken too seriously at our monthly Quiz nights and we welcome new participants as well as quiz setters. Go on, give it a try. It’s a great way to meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and get involved with local activities.

We’re looking for new members for the management committee, whose voluntary activities include organising  community events held in the Hall; taking an officer role (Chair,  Treasurer, Secretary); managing Hall bookings; caretaking the Hall in between bookings; general Hall maintenance inside, and outside in the lovely ‘not so wild’ Garden; writing and collating articles/adverts for The Whistler (for the printed copy and online). In this edition and the next couple, we introduce the current Trustees, who explain why they volunteer to keep this 42-year old community association alive and kicking. Would YOU like to join us?


Now that we’ve all woken up to the plastic problem, here are some tips on what to do with the plastic that you can’t avoid. Recycling is easy to say [although never easy to type – Ed] but what and where you can actually recycle is a bit of a minefield. Continue Reading »