This year’s Friends of St Michael’s Annual Lecture is on Saturday 14 October at 3pm in the church, St Michael and All Angels. £12 on the door (free to Friends). Continue Reading »


Craft Works

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For my piece, or the greater part of it this month, I will be taking you back to the 1680’s. Why, you may ask, and with good reason. Basically, because there is only so much one can say regarding the current economic climate; and I thought it might be interesting to have a look at something rather different. Continue Reading »

Friday 13 October 3-5pm

6a Pavilion Buildings, BN1 1EE

Contact the Network on 01273 203380 to find out more about the event and their services.

Survivors’ Network was established in 1990 by a group of female survivors of childhood sexual abuse to provide services that would support other female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. They have grown from those humble beginnings to an organisation that now offers a range of professional relevant services to survivors of any gender aged 14+ who have experienced any form of sexual violence. The charity is a fully accredited member of Rape Crisis England and Wales and the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex. Continue Reading »

Police Contacts

Sussex Police have launched a Contact Campaign to let the public know the different ways they can contact the police, depending on needs. When there isn’t a crime in progress or risk to life, the public should call 101, report online or seek an alternative option. In addition to police social media activity to raise awareness, a revised contact card bespoke to each district is available both in downloadable electronic format, and as a postcard that people can pick up in public areas and at events so they can pin it up at home for easy reference. Continue Reading »

It’s not something a winemaker can put on a label. The word Bordeaux can only be used for wine made in a certain way, to a certain standard, from grapes grown in Bordeaux, France (as opposed to Bordeaux, Wyoming). But wine writers and wine sellers use the term all the time. It’s not just Bordeaux, of course, they talk about Burgundy-style, Beaujolais-style, even New Zealand Sauvignon-style. The French, of course, say it’s nonsense, that the wines of Bordeaux are unique and that a wine is either a Bordeaux or not, and any wine from elsewhere, even if made with the same grape varieties using the same methods of viniculture, will taste so different that it should be called something different. I have a lot of sympathy with the French view. Continue Reading »


The doors are flung thankfully open,

As teachers breathe an intense sigh of relief,

Parents hit with cheers, squeals, laughter,

A tsunami of marauding rucksacks,


Sweet, creamy honeysuckle wafts,

Fluffed caramel bees, soft rosy glints

Ball pits of brightly bobbing sunhats

Fuchsia-pink strawberries, sandy footprints.


Smiling faces, loud joyous whoops,

Sticky fingers, melting ice cream,

Spritzes of icy water, unsuspecting faces,

Waves’ crisp summery gleam.


I raise my eyes up to the sky

Speckled with fresh flickers of lemonade sun,

Rich earthy forests, silently, lazily serene

Celebrate! Winter’s gone, and summer has begun.


Thanks to Scarlett Baldwin (12) who loves writing and sent us this poem