An evening of music and poetry with Brian Mander and The De La Warr String Quartet.

Wednesday 14 February 2018. 6.00pm – 7.30pm

St Nicholas Church, Church Street, BN1 3LJ Continue Reading »


Photo Competition

B&H Sparrows Project

On 12 January 2018 we were delighted to have Caroline Lucas MP (pictured) join us at the Booth Museum to present prizes to the competition winners. Continue Reading »

IWD Events 2018

Brighton Dome partners with Brighton Women’s Centre and Brighton Museum to present an annual celebration of International Women’s Day on  Saturday 3 March. Continue Reading »

West Hill Watch

Jim Gowan’s West Hill Watch

Raising the roof!

This is not about wild parties in the West Hill Hall but about the number of planning applications seeking to increase accommodation on top of existing buildings in the conservation area, often by adding an extra storey. Continue Reading »

The Clock Tower Sanctuary – a charity that supports homeless young people in Brighton & Hove – is running its appeal, ‘They Are Out There’, to raise £20,000 to support homeless young people who are on the streets this winter. Continue Reading »

Will be all be drinking Australian wine? 

While we remain in the EU customs union, European wine is sold in the UK without paying import duty. If we leave the customs union, duty will be payable; how much depends on the deal agreed between the EU and the UK. At the present rate of progress, there seems a good chance that no such a deal will be agreed, so if we leave the customs union we would revert to World Trade Organisation tariffs, currently 32%. Combine that with the predicted fall in the value of the pound and we may find ourselves paying half as much again for European wines as we do now. Continue Reading »