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Most evenings are busy with a variety of activities but two local  residents, Anna Burtt and Bob Sells, spotted some gaps in the daytime schedules and have filled them with activities in which they are interested and want people to join them. (more…)


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Over the last few issues of The Whistler we have been introducing the current members of the West Hill Community Association management committee (the Trustees) to give you a flavour of who they are, what they do and maybe to inspire you to become one yourself.

In this issue we meet VINOD MASHRU

Vinod at the Hall in 2015 with the next generation of West Hill children

Together with my wife, Meena, I run Bright News in Buckingham Road, at the heart of the West Hill Community. The shop has been through a number of incarnations in its long history: a bookmakers, drapers, Bevoort Store Company, and a wine and spirit merchant to name but a few. From the 1920s onward it has served predominantly as a newsagent, also offering a valeting service in 1958! (more…)

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Brighton Royal Pavilion
Restoration of the Saloon
Picture by Jim Holden

Decorated for King George IV in 1823, the Saloon at the Royal Pavilion, an ornate centrepiece of Brighton’s famous royal palace by the sea, has been returned to the dazzling splendour of its original interior design at a cost of £390,000. It is the culmination of ongoing conservation work taking place since 2004. In 2002, glimpses of the designer Jones’s silvered leaves scheme were revealed on the ceiling of the saloon during work to address a water leak. The reinstatement of this design in the recess opened up the possibility of a complete and faithful restoration of the Saloon to its original appearance in 1823, as recorded in a water colour by AC Pugin for John Nash’s book, ‘Views of the Pavilion’. (more…)

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The Face Hugger

I’m an artist and illustrator living in Brighton and I’ve lived in the West Hill area since 2012. (more…)

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Fingers burnt in Surrey Street

The developer who has replaced all the timber sash windows to the front of 43 Surrey Street with plastic (see June/July issue of The Whistler ) has learned a very expensive lesson. He failed to apply for planning permission in the first instance, but then when Council officers caught up with him, his retrospective application was refused as the loss of timber sash windows was considered unacceptable in a Conservation Area. (more…)

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Justin Simpson, a familiar face around West Hill in general and the Duke of Wellington in particular, lived in Buckingham Road and has been going back and forth between the UK and Australia for donkey’s years as he’s a dual passport holder. He left Brighton recently for Sydney but fears Brexit might finally end his love affair with the Poms! We may or may not see him back again on these shores, but, in the meantime, he has sent us this observation of life in Sydney vs Brighton.

Sydney Street Art

Sydney is totally different to Brighthelmstone – or is it? (more…)

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On Saturday 7 July a number of volunteers answered Mo Parker and councillor Lizzie Deane’s call in the last edition of The Whistler to help reclaim Clifton Street Passage from the taggers and graffiti vandals. Not all the volunteers live in the Terminus area but all live in West Hill and are keen to show that positive action can be taken in the face of vandals and the lack of action by the Council, which no longer paints over graffiti on private property. (more…)

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