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On Saturday 7 July a number of volunteers answered Mo Parker and councillor Lizzie Deane’s call in the last edition of The Whistler to help reclaim Clifton Street Passage from the taggers and graffiti vandals. Not all the volunteers live in the Terminus area but all live in West Hill and are keen to show that positive action can be taken in the face of vandals and the lack of action by the Council, which no longer paints over graffiti on private property. (more…)


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Over the last few issues of The Whistler we have been introducing the current members of the West Hill Community Association management committee (the Trustees) to give you a flavour of who they are, what they do and maybe to inspire you to become one yourself.

In this issue we meet . . . John Stokdyk and Wendy McAngus (more…)

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Comedy Ballet by Aubrey Beardsley

Comedy Ballet

As part of Brighton & Hove Open Door, Alexia Lazou will be leading her Aubrey Beardsley tour on Sunday 9 September at 2pm & Sunday 16 September at 11am. Meet outside WH Smith’s bookshop on Brighton Station concourse, Queens Road. The tour is free and there is no need to book. (more…)

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i360 Flops and Councillors Flap

With cries of “We told you so!” ringing in their ears, Green and Tory councillors have searched for ways to divert attention away from their foolish decision in 2016 to lend over £36 million of public money to a company which is now unable to make its loan repayments in full as a result of visitor numbers already being some six hundred thousand down on those predicted a few years ago by so-called expert consultants. The councillors’ absurd proposal now is to spend a further £50k on more ‘expert’ advice on how to manage the project more effectively. (more…)

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The Council is developing new guidance – the Urban Design Framework – to help shape buildings and spaces around the city. The aim is to make them easier to use and more attractive to people. (more…)

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There is a tradition of good music at St Nicholas on Dyke Road and a series of lunchtime recitals are held in the Church every Wednesday at 12:30pm, lasting for 45 minutes. A minimum donation of £3.00 towards recital expenses is appreciated.

The recitals provide a perfect break to have lunch and relax before heading back to work, or a perfect addition to a leisurely day. You can take your own sandwiches and tea and coffee is available for a donation.

In August there are varied offerings of piano, accapella singing, and an accompanied soprano. What a treat in our neighbourhood!

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The School of Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Arts is a growing group of dedicated and passionate instructors led by Simon and Cher Robins.  I am a qualified instructor with the school, fully insured and registered with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

​We teach a complete system of authentic, traditional taijiquan (tai chi) which we know offers the best you can get in health, meditative and internal arts. Our teacher, Sam Masich is one of the world’s leading internal martial artists; we continue to study as well as teach his Internal Arts Method in weekly classes and weekend workshops around Sussex.

I am now teaching a tai chi / qigong class from 11.45 – 12.45 on Fridays at the Hall.  Starting with basic tai chi principals, you will be studying the 5 Section Solo Hand Form, a short Yang style form devised by Sam Masich.  We will also be looking at some traditional qigong sets with a focus on breath and circulation. Some partner work is involved.

Tai chi and qigong have many health benefits and are wonderful for balance, co-ordination and general well-being. It’s also great fun! Some students in the group have been studying with me since September 2017, and new students are welcome to join the class at any time; some students in the group have only been practising for a few  weeks. There is a huge amount of repetition and we continually review and reinforce what we have learnt.

£7.50 per class or £5 concessions (state pension / unwaged).  First class is free so come along and give it a go!  Wear loose clothing and flat shoes. Suitable for  all ages and levels of fitness.

Una McCartan


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