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We end our series where we ask the owners of local businesses what they think about being part of the community in the Seven Dials / West Hill area. Unsurprisingly, most of them yearn for an improvement in the parking situation and an overwhelming percentage think that business rates could be much fairer. Every one of the businesses love the community in which they are based.

Please write to The Whistler and let us know what you like most about living in this area and your improvement suggestions.

Yvonne Parks Hair Stylist has been a West Hill fixture since 1961. Yvonne Harman and second-in-command Susan Gail have been gently perming and cutting in Gloucester Road for a generation and more. Yvonne was first attracted to the area because she “liked the village feel about it. Whole families became our clients, and our friends.” West Hill is a “gateway to so many places, near to the railway station and the buses.” (more…)

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The Grenfell Tower disaster has provoked fierce debate on a wide range of issues, one of which is the future of high rise construction itself. It is a topic which is of particular concern to the residents of Brighton & Hove where the council itself owns over forty buildings which are over 18 meters in height. It is also proposed to build further residential towers of up to 40 storeys in many parts of the city. These include the Marina, Preston Park, Lewes Road, Hove Station and the King Alfred site on the sea front. (more…)

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A planning application for this property has been considered by the Conservation Advisory Group which recommended approval. The two storey house on the corner of Guildford Road and Clifton Street was a dog grooming parlour for many years and had, before that, been a shop. The proposal will replace the shop window with bay windows in order to make the premises more suitable for residential occupation.


The Conservation Advisory Group, however, recommended refusal for this application to demolish the existing dwelling and erect a three storey building with 2no two bedroom flats and 1no one bedroom flat, considering the design to be inappropriate for the area. There were also concerns about the lack of clarity in the drawings submitted as these did not make clear the parking provision. This is the second application for this site in recent years. The previous application for a single four bedroomed house with a garage has not been implemented. It had been refused by the Council but then allowed on appeal by a planning inspector. In front of the adjacent property (19A Bath Street) it is interesting to note the two (redundant) petrol pumps which are on the local list of heritage assets. These “Shellmex” pumps from the early 1950s are a reminder of what was one of the first, if not the first, petrol station in Brighton. It seems they remained in use into the 21st century which explains why they carry stickers, added in the latter part of the 20th century, indicating “three star” and “four star” petrol. With the introduction of unleaded petrol such terms are themselves of historical interest, being no longer a feature of our modern fuel pumps.


A further application to replace the existing pitched roof with a mansard roof incorporating a single dormer both front and rear has been submitted. The current proposal is to raise the roof line slightly less than proposed in the previous application, which the council refused, and not to raise the height of the front parapet. The current application points out that there are many examples of buildings within Brighton and Hove of a similar size, period and style, which have traditional mansard roofs and that there are also examples of the council’s granting permission for similar mansard alterations to unlisted buildings in other conservation areas.

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Have you noticed an increase in the number of ‘lost cat’ signs stuck up on trees, bins etc in the West Hill area?
There is a more effective method to find an aimlessly wandering feline than the traditional photo stapled to a tree.

If you own one or more of these furry little herberts, live in the West Hill area, and think that sharing information about our kitties with a view to their well-being is a good idea, then go on Facebook and look for the group: West Hill Cat Watch. Not just a lost cat page but a place where you can upload photos of your fur bag(s) and exchange information so we can look out for our furry friends.

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Dear Editor

Now that the Seven Dials area has been greatly improved with the new road layout and the removal of railings etc, there is one building that spoils the effect and that is the Co-op on the corner of Dyke Road and Buckingham Place, where the ground floor windows are blocked up, giving a run-down, derelict look to that part of the road. I wonder if the Association in its official capacity could perhaps try and persuade the Co-op to fit some dummy windows here. The cost would be very little to a company of that size but I think it would surely have a great improving effect on the look of the area. Yours sincerely, (more…)

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One day, a cat – whom we shall refer to as Cat X – was outside, committing the heinous crime of ‘roaming without due care and attention’. Injury ensued but he managed to limp his way to a friendly safe house where his newly acquired surrogate family took pity on him and whisked him off to the nearest vet for treatment. He quickly recovered but his microchip information wasn’t up to date and so his new family were unable to return him to his regular home even though his regular home was only six doors away. Poor Cat X. (more…)

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The house sparrow is one of the most iconic urban birds in Britain. Although we are all used to seeing this sociable little brown bird hop and shuffle around our gardens, it in serious trouble. Over the past 25 years (a human generation) there has been a nationwide collapse in house sparrow population sizes. (more…)

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