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Over the last few issues of The Whistler we have been introducing the current members of the West Hill Community Association management committee (the Trustees) to give you a flavour of who they are, what they do and maybe to inspire you to become one yourself.

In this issue we meet . . . John Stokdyk and Wendy McAngus (more…)


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Peter Batten thinks about flowers . . .

In January 2017, with my wife Nikki, I made a resolution. We decided that we would always have flowers somewhere in the house. So far, we have maintained that resolution.

As I write, the latest bunch is in a vase on the kitchen table. They are open and thrusting their heads forward like a group of excited children. Their colour is very subtle. I would describe it as orange with a hint of brown, plus some darker flecks. Their effect in the house is to introduce something unique, challenging, mysterious. What are flowers? Where do they come from? How did they come to exist – so many, so different? (more…)

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Little Mustard Shop is a small independent boutique selling the work of artist Sam Toft. Sam, who lives locally, is an internationally recognised artist whose work is widely published. You may recognise her characters, Mr Mustard, his dear lady wife Violet, and grumpy, portly Jack Russel terrier, Doris, as her prints and posters have graced the shelves of Ikea, Next, Home Sense, B&Q, as well as hundreds of outlets across America, Europe, Australia and Japan. Her annual one-man solo shows at Pall Mall, Battersea and in the Cotswolds are keenly anticipated. (more…)

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Over the next few issues of The Whistler we introduce the current members of the West Hill Community Association Management Committee (the Trustees) to give you a flavour of who they are, what they do and maybe to inspire you to become one yourself. Be assured, it’s quite painless. In this issue we meet . . .

Sarah Taylor

I’m a working mum of two teenage daughters. Originally from Kingston-Upon-Thames, I’ve lived all over London, and travelled a fair bit but Brighton, specifically Seven Dials, has been my home longer than anywhere else. Likes: going to the cinema, walks on the Downs, a good pint of I.PA. or an amaretto sour, marzipan, curry, genealogy, tulips, social history, exploring new places, taking photos, Ryan Gosling. Dislikes: unpunctuality, Eamonn Holmes, fruit on pizza, narrow mindedness, action movies. (more…)

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Peter Batten writes about a local man

I have been living in Hove for almost nineteen years. One of the rewards which Nikki and I have come to recognise is the ever-growing Brighton Festival. From the year 2000 we began to explore the Open Houses and to admire the many talented people who display their work. If you have never visited any of these mini galleries you have missed a rich experience. Yes, the work is varied in media, style, presentation and quality, but everywhere you will have the chance to discover unique artefacts and meet people with a personal style and vision. (more…)

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Kate Dyson takes our lives into her hands . . .

I have a problem which I have attempted to conceal for 51 years, and although those who know me well may have seen through me, to my knowledge the authorities, to date, appear to  remain in a state of ignorance. Since I fear that this state of affairs is unlikely to last for much longer, I have, with reluctance, decided to ‘come out’. (more…)

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The Madeira Terraces in Kemp Town were built in 1890 as a tourist attraction by Brighton Borough Council.  Sadly, 130 years later they have become unsafe and have been closed off.  During an annual inspection big cracks were noticed in the Terraces. A survey was later carried out, which revealed that the cracks were due to the structure being built without expansion joints, and also that the girders that make up the walkway were all corroded. The estimated cost of restoration was £24m. (more…)

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