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John was a man it is not easy to forget. He was intelligent, funny, gregarious, quick witted, willing to help anyone. (more…)


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Peter Batten muses on the Beautiful Game . . .

My friend Tony travels this world accompanied by a dry cynicism. He takes it with him during the summer when he takes his seat in our beautiful cricket ground to watch the ins and outs of Sussex. He has taken it with him to his seat in the new Amex stadium. (more…)

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St Michael’s church has been running a café in the Community Hall on Saturday mornings from 8.30 to 10.30am for almost thirty years. It started as an outreach for people in the local community and to provide cooked breakfasts for those in need such as the homeless. We give vouchers out to First Base, the Clock Tower Sanctuary and Antifreeze so that homeless people can get a good, free hot meal. (more…)

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Peter Batten writes about a great love …

My promise to provide an article for every issue of The Whistler has led me to make several embarrassing confessions. Here comes another. I fell in love with the great jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli (pictured). (more…)

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Peter Batten writes about The Sonnets . . .

Even today I often hear someone speaking on television or writing in a newspaper, blithely remarking, “Of course, we know so little about Shakespeare…” There are still a few fools about who think that his plays were written by the Earl of Oxford or, even worse, Christopher Marlowe. (more…)

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We end our series where we ask the owners of local businesses what they think about being part of the community in the Seven Dials / West Hill area. Unsurprisingly, most of them yearn for an improvement in the parking situation and an overwhelming percentage think that business rates could be much fairer. Every one of the businesses love the community in which they are based.

Please write to The Whistler and let us know what you like most about living in this area and your improvement suggestions.

Yvonne Parks Hair Stylist has been a West Hill fixture since 1961. Yvonne Harman and second-in-command Susan Gail have been gently perming and cutting in Gloucester Road for a generation and more. Yvonne was first attracted to the area because she “liked the village feel about it. Whole families became our clients, and our friends.” West Hill is a “gateway to so many places, near to the railway station and the buses.” (more…)

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It is some months since long-term resident of Guildford Road,  June McCullough, died and we could not let her passing go unmarked in the pages of The Whistler. These memories of June were originally written in 2003 by another West Hill stalwart, Pam Bean.  

June grew up in Southsea and always knew that she wanted to work with dogs, helping out at a dogs’ beauty parlour while she was still at school. The business was bombed so the owners moved to Hove. June joined them when she left school. Just before she was 18, June went to the Oddfellows Hall in Queens Road, Brighton, to volunteer to join the RAF, but only if she could be a driver. The recruiting officer said she was too short, and she should come back in 2 years (having grown taller?). However, June’s persistence and enthusiasm persuaded the officer that she had grown three and a half inches, and the next week she as a WAF. (more…)

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