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Letters to The Whistler

Eliz TC (7yrs) – The Winner

The winner of the Sam Toft illustration colour-in competition in the Aug/Sept issue was 7-year old Eliza. Her winning entry can be seen above. Here is a little background written by her mother, Anna Louie . . .

Eliza is 7; she lives in Haverhill, Suffolk. She loves drawing, reading and creating things. Sam Toft is Grandma’s favourite artist, and when Eliza’s grandparents moved to Brighton they purchased several pieces to have around their home, so Eliza is familiar with Sam’s work. (more…)


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Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor

Sheila and Peter Sheppard of the Patcham Poetry Group, Art and Health Walk leaders, and windmill enthusiasts, spoke in 2017 of their plans for Brighton and Hove City Branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship to put on an exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the NHS. The exhibition ‘Timeline in Healthcare 1018 – 2018’ was recently held at the Jubilee Library. (more…)

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Dear West Hill Community Association

I’m not sure where to turn so apologies if I am writing to the wrong group. I read The Whistler regularly and you feel like the best community group around.

I live in Montpelier Crescent and have noticed a huge increase in dog fouling recently. It isn’t just one dog (quite obvious from the fouling) and it’s getting worse. Is there anything which we, as a community, could do to try and stop this?  There are plenty of local resident groups getting together to tackle the mess: see this example at bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-43334730 which describes how fed-up residents have come up with a poo-shaming map in a bid to tackle dog fouling.

Katherine Church

[Last year The Whistler ran an article on an anti-dog fouling campaign launched by Tracy Phipps of the Council’s Cityclean and Cityparks dept which promised to tackle  irresponsible dog owners. At the time of going to press, we are still waiting for her to comment on Katherine’s question but local Regency Councillor, Alex Phillips, did respond to our enquiry.]

Hi – Tom and I are working with Cityclean to try and get more signs up in the area but this is a perennial problem. It feels to me as though it has got worse too, and I don’t know if it is because people might be on their mobile phones more and so not really watching what their dogs are doing. As a mother and pram-user, I find it an even more appalling situation as wheels on buggies easily drive through muck.

Councillor Alex Phillips

[On the subject of anti-social behaviour we’ve also heard from resident Mo Parker and Councillor Lizzie Deane]


The residents of Terminus Road, and the cul-de-sacs leading off it – Terminus Street, Railway Street and Terminus Place – have an ongoing  battle with anti-social behaviour such as general nuisance, drug dealing/taking, drinking, graffiti/tagging, discarded rubbish, dog fouling and, in the worst cases, human fouling.  With the warm weather this activity increases considerably. Clifton Street Passage, with its easy access and multiple exits, affords secure cover for these activities.

Many of the rear garden walls backing onto the passage are either in poor decorative order or disfigured with graffiti and tagging. This general air of neglect feeds into the misconception that anti-social behaviour is acceptable. Terminus  Area residents, in conjunction with various Council bodies and the police, are working together to overcome this and reclaim the streets for the residents as well as for those passing through it, which includes quite a few young children going to and from primary school.

The plan is to paint over the graffiti and the Council has offered to provide paint and rollers.  If your rear wall is one of those with graffiti and you do not want this painted over, please email Councillor Lizzie Deane on  Lizzie.Deane@brighton-hove.gov.uk. On the other hand, if you would like to clean and repaint your wall and so help to restore the area, Terminus Area residents will be delighted! The state of Clifton Street Passage and any associated anti-social behaviour impacts residents and their homes on both sides.

Mo Parker

Dear Editor

I have also had complaints about graffiti on the wall along Howard Place and, again, the Council has said that they will supply materials for a clean-up and I will be looking for volunteers to help. If any readers want to help clear up both Clifton Street Passage and Howard Place, please contact me on Lizzie.Deane@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

With thanks

Lizzie Deane


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Dear Editor

In reply to David Foot’s article ‘It all started in a Coffee House’ in the last edition, I did not start drinking coffee until I was about 10 years old, apart from Camp Coffee out of a bottle, as my dad, who came from up North, drank strong tea. He even brewed up in the desert during World War 2 for the RAF lads. We liked our coffee half milk and half water, boiled in a milk pan, and added to a teaspoon of instant  coffee in each cup. (more…)

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Dear Editors

I absolutely love receiving your newsletter through the door and I was really excited to read the letters section in the last edition of The Whistler. Talk about dramatic: I absolutely loved Stephen’s response to the Sally May article! Kept me at the edge of my seat. I must admit when I read Sally’s obit I thought it seemed a little heavy-handed and was wondering at the time if there would be any lashback. (more…)

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Dear Editor,

With reference to Tom Sargant’s tribute to Sally May in the June/July edition of The Whistler, I completely agree with Tom in the way the 7 dials area has changed over the last decade. I have said for many years that one day Brighton will become, ostensibly, a suburb of London. From the time I was a child I have always been connected with this part of Brighton. Over a period of fifteen years my mother and I lived at various different addresses in the 7 dials area. In 1967 my mother moved to Southwick and I moved to London and then on to Sweden. (more…)

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Letters to Whistler

I am amazed to find the Bath Street resurfacing finished today [5th April]. In under 10 hours the whole top surface was all removed, fresh Tarmac laid, new lines and signs repainted on the new surface and the evening rush-hour traffic storming around it at 5-30pm. Compare that with the recent excessive disruption that took place last year on the Seven Dials round-about which went on for weeks.
Jeff Blyth



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