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Lamb Comedy was founded in 2014 by Brighton’s Lulu Baker and Amy Mac with the aim of bringing up-and-coming local and national comedy to Brighton audiences in an intimate setting. In 2015 Lamb Comedy gambolled into the Brighton Fringe with a packed programme of comedy shows, ranging from the wryly observational and off-the-wall, to the daring and the futuristic. This bagged them a runner-up accolade in the Brighton Fringe Awards and in 2016 they’re back with an expanded programme over two venues in May.

With a mix of home-grown Brighton talent and an array of up-and-coming national comedy stars, Lamb Comedy in the 2016 Brighton Fringe boasts more than 50 comedians in 20 shows over 14 nights.

Whether your taste is for quick-fire gags, observations on the absurdity of modern life, or just plain silliness, Lamb Comedy brings it all.

And if you’re not sure what to see, Lamb is offering taster shows with short sets by performers: “Lamb Chops” and “Lambs to the sLaughter”, which always attract a packed crowd.

“We’re excited to be back bigger and better in 2016,” said Lamb Comedy’s Lulu Baker. “We’ve hand-picked shows that make us laugh, and we reckon if they do it for us, then a Brighton comedy audience is going to love them.”

Here’s just a flavour of Lamb in 2016:

SHERAZ YOUSAFSheraz Yousaf in ‘The Pursuit of Manlyness’ asks: What if you were taught how to be a man? But you weren’t yet a man. So you untaught yourself, and then you learned again from someone else, and they were also wrong. And then you went to something where there were other men. And they told you how to be a man. What kind of man would you be?

TOM WARDBBC New Comedy Award finalist Tom Ward spins tales of his favourite unsung heroes into a dreamlike narrative of voice and sounds. Featuring deeply personal and heartfelt impressions of kettles, Casio keyboards, Jools Holland’s drunken home life, friendly perverts, misunderstood racists, carpet salesmen and many more faces you’ll recognise from your daily life.

Like gags? Want a prAGM COMEDYoper laugh? Last year’s runners-up of the Fringe Guru 2015 Audience Choice award AGM are ‘Back In Business’. With one-liners, stories, puns and jokes aplenty, AGM are Steve Adams,  Colin Galletly,  and Johnny Murph.


BBC New Comedy Award finalist Athena Kugblenu has an opATHENA KUGBLENUinion on everything. Listen to her unique take on the landscape of Great Britain and the world today. Have we progressed? Are things really getting better? Whether you agree or disagree, her astute mind and savvy observations will have you laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all.

This year Lamb Comedy is at two Brighton venues: Nowhere Man Café at 53 Upper North Street, and the Craft Beer Co. just along the road at 22-23 Upper North Street.

The full programme is available at www.lambcomedy.com 

Tickets are on sale now at www.brightonfringe.org

You can follow Lamb Comedy on Twitter @Lambcomedy and Facebook at LambComedyProductions


Saturday May 14th & Sunday May 15th, 2016 @ 4pm

The Warren Main Stage, St Peter’s Church, York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU

Tickets: £11 (£9.50 concessions)

‘Hysterical’, a groundbreaking dark comedy at the Brighton Fringe, explores the boundaries of mental health and sanity in the 21st Century.

HYSTERICAL_PRODUCTIONSHOT medJune’s just landed her dream job at a high-octane advertising agency. But when her first task is to re-brand water, she gets the feeling she might be in over her head. Desperate to please, she puts aside her duties of caring for her brother to prepare a pitch that will blow her new boss away. As the pressures mount in her new workplace and the disconnection from her brother grows, June’s mental health is sent into a downward spiral, leaving her questioning her sanity.

After her catastrophic collapse, June returns to seek solace in her brother. Finding the courage to speak, he tells her a tale to reconcile their relationship.

Grappling with the sanctity of sanity, this darkly comedic play blends bold new writing with physical theatre, clowning and puppetry.

Drawn from her own personal experiences with mental health and institutionalisation ‘Hysterical’ writer Karis Halsall has created a piece that explores the question of whether it’s actually possible to be ‘well’ in our society, surrounded by never-ending pressures and the need to achieve and please.

“Everybody has ‘mental health’, just like everybody has physical health,” says Karis. “It’s not a case of one person being ‘mad’ and another person being ‘sane’. Or one person being ‘sick’ and another being ‘well’. It’s more, far more nuanced than that. Life pressures can cause anyone to struggle and feel off-balance.”

‘Hysterical’ is certainly a challenging piece, and doesn’t give the audience an easy ride. But they’ll find themselves laughing at the dark comedy of June’s situation – even if they think they shouldn’t be.

Buy online at www.otherplacebrighton.co.uk

Twitter: @hoax_theatre @luminary theatre #hysterical


Digging for Shakespeare Brighton Festival 2016

Digging for Shakespeare
Brighton Festival 2016


West Hill Community Association was established in 1976 and celebrates its 40th birthday in 2016.  Its cachement area stretches from the south side of Seven Dials down to the clock tower in Queen’s Road and all roads on the right from the clock tower up Dyke Road. The Annual General Meeting of the Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at West Hill Hall at 7.15pm. Continue Reading »

Following the article about the Hove Cutting Campaign in our Feb/Mar edition, Millie received many supportive emails from Whistler readers. Sadly, despite support from the local MP and Councillors, Network Rail went ahead with the cutting.

Dear Editor

We have lost vegetation the size of a woodland at Hove Cutting. The city does not have that many green spaces and this is a loss for all. A distressing article in The Argus a few days after the tree felling at Hove Cutting described a similar experience by residents at the hands of the Water Board – trees neglected until the roots begin to damage the banks, giving the companies an excuse to obliterate all vegetation. Continue Reading »

From the James Gray Collection, the photographic archive of the Regency Society, Brighton and Hove.

The West Hill pub, dramatically perched at the bottom of Buckingham Place, used to be called the Belle Vue Inn. It was built as a public house in 1852 by local builder Edward Hilder Ade and was owned by Vallance Catt and Company brewers.

The name would still be fitting today. Look up and the city lights glisten all the way to the top of Elm Grove. Directly in front of you is the magnificent station roof. Continue Reading »

Peter Batten celebrates the art of reading . . .

We can never know beforehand what will change us or indeed what kinds of change we want. A book can speak to us and never answer back; it can conjure up the past and the voices of the dead. But we never  tell a book a story. Why have an analysis when you can read?

Adam Phillips 

I began to be able to read at about age three. My grandmother was living in our flat, with lots of time on her hands, and she decided to teach me. Sadly, she did not live long enough to watch me become obsessed with books and then with ‘literature’. I owe her a great debt. Continue Reading »

Established in 1967, Brighton Festival has become one of the city’s most enduring symbols of inventiveness and celebration over the past half century. Experimental artist and musician Laurie Anderson is this year’s Guest Director. Renowned for her inventive use of technology, Anderson is one of America’s most daring creative pioneers. In roles as varied as artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, vocalist and instrumentalist, she has been experimenting, creating and challenging audiences all over the world for almost as long as Brighton Festival has existed. Anderson takes the helm as Brighton Festival marks its milestone 50th year of commissioning and producing innovative arts and culture by exploring the theme of ‘home and place’ across its 2016 programme. Continue Reading »


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