View of Brighton from Road Hill North c 1850 To the right of the Pavilion and Dome see the West Hill, with St Nicholas Church, Hudson’s mill between Albert Road and West Hill Road, and the new railway

View of Brighton from Road Hill North c 1850
To the right of the Pavilion and Dome see the West Hill, with St Nicholas Church, Hudson’s mill between Albert Road and West Hill Road, and the new railway


The Annual General Meeting of the West Hill Community Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 28 April 2015 at the West Hill Hall at 7.15pm.

In this issue you will see a potted history of WHCA and its aims (Keeping in Touch in West Hill) – to keep the Hall available for community use and to publish The Whistler to maintain and improve communication in the local area. The business of the AGM meeting will be followed by our perennial favourite, the Quiz. Refreshments and bonhomie free. All are welcome. Go on, give it a try. It’s a great way to meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and get involved with local activities.

In 2016 The Whistler will be 40 years old. Throughout 2015 we’d love to hear from our readers whether you want us to keep going as we are, change direction, go digital only, include new themes for the articles. We rely on contributions from you, our readers, so please help us steer the content in the direction that you want to read.

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The green shoots of Spring are beginning to break through and as always at this time of year, we welcome new members to the Wild Garden Group, where residents can potter around in the Hall garden just because they like to see things grow! The perfect antidote to flat dwelling and a free alternative to an allotment.

Get in touch with Colette at westhillhall@gmail.com if you’re interested.


There has been a community association in the West Hill since 1976 and the activities pursued by the members have been numerous, often depending on the enthusiasm of individual members. Continue Reading »

We continue to raid The Whistler archives for memories of West Hill…

In the 1960s where the Spar shop in Upper Gloucester Road is now, there used to be two shops. One was a greengrocer run by Jack and his mother, while next door there was a sweetshop where you could also borrow books for 3d (three old pence) a book. Jack had befriended an elderly lady who had nowhere to live, and rather than let her wander the streets at night, Jack would let her sleep in a room upstairs. She was a happy soul. She would walk around West Hill during the day, smiling at passers-by, saying, “Isn’t it a lovely day?” She never did any harm to anyone and she always had something kind to say. One morning Jack went upstairs and found she had died… Continue Reading »

Peter Batten remembers a terrifying time…

Recently a member of my family said to me, “You are always telling little anecdotes about things that happened in WW2, why don’t you put them all together for us?” So here is my response. I hope you find it interesting.

Woman: “Is it all right now, Henry?” Man: “Yes, not even scratched.”

Woman: “Is it all right now, Henry?”
Man: “Yes, not even scratched.”

Two days stand out among my memories of WW2. The first is the 3rd September 1939. I was 6 years old. I knew that my parents were anxious about a possible war with Germany, but I really did not understand what that might involve. Even though an ‘Anderson’ shelter with great metal sheets had been delivered to our house and I had watched my father dig a hole for it in our small garden, piling the earth on top, I did not believe it would ever be needed. Then on that fatal Sunday I was in the kitchen while my parents listened to Chamberlain on the radio telling them that war had been declared. Continue Reading »

With the future of the Hippodrome still uncertain, Our Brighton Hippodrome group is still fundraising for their fighting fund.

They Played the Brighton Hippodrome!

Komedia Studio, Gardner Street Brighton on Sunday 12 April 3.00pm

An afternoon’s entertainment bringing back memories, using a selection of vintage film clips featuring singers, dancers, comedians, dance bands and unique speciality acts that appeared at the Hippodrome during its heyday, supported by posters and programmes. Plus a rarely seen short documentary, ‘Sleeping Beauties’, focusing on the Brighton Hippodrome. Plus hear Max Miller on stage at the Brighton Hippodrome. Continue Reading »

Dementia Friends Information Session

15 April 10.30am-11.30am    Patching Lodge, Brighton

Celeb-dementiaWith the recent death of author Terry Pratchett and the Sing Healthy, Play Happy sessions in West Hill Hall, our thoughts turn to understanding more about dementia.

A friendly and informal session to find out about the Dementia Friends initiative and the small things we can do that make a difference to those living with Dementia. To book please email: Caroline.carter@hanover.org.uk.

The number of people in Sussex with dementia is expected to rise to more than 33,700 in the next eight years.

Brighton Film School is running a new Art Direction and Production (Set Design) Diploma from September 2015. The 9 month course is designed to develop students’ skills to a professional standard as an Art Director for the film industry. To launch the course they are offering students who have studied at Brighton Film School previously £150 cashback on their deposit if applications are placed and confirmed before 1 June 2015. Continue Reading »


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