Brighton Science Festival 2 - 28 February

Brighton Science Festival 2 – 28 February

West Hill let its hair down at the sold-out WHCA Social held at the Hall in early December. Ticket-holders were expertly seated by our Chair and Host-with-the- Most, Vinod Mashru, and while Meena, Mel, Laura, Sarah and Colette organised the serving of 100 meals, party-goers were delighted by Candide, a local duo who played an eclectic mix of music. West Hill Street resident, Didier and his musical partner, Dr Pangloss, serenaded diners and then a select group of entertainers answered our call for local talent to shine. Thanks to Kate for her Kate Bush song; 15-year old Loli, and her friend Berry, who performed ‘Love Yourself’; little Ruby who sang, ‘Shake it off’; and a special mention goes to 13-year old Magda, who wowed the audience with her rendition of ‘Santa Baby’ accompanied by Candide. The evening was an opportunity to meet old acquaintances and make new friends in our wonderful West Hill Hall. Thanks to volunteers James, Chad, Finn, and Lucas and to all those who cleared up at the end – in half an hour the Hall was spick and span. Now, that’s what we call community spirit! Continue Reading »

Geoffrey Mead

West Hill Community Association is delighted to announce a series of twice-yearly,  spring and autumn, talks of interest to the local community. The first will be an illustrated talk about the history of the Seven Dials, presented by Brighton’s best known history tour guide and University of Sussex lecturer, Dr Geoffrey Mead.

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The council’s proposal for an 18-month Terminus Road taxi rank trial has been put on hold, following a packed public meeting in December. Members of the West Hill Action Team organised the meeting, held at the West Hill Hall on 8 December, where Cllr Gill Mitchell, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, was invited, along with senior council officers, to put their case forward and answer questions. See full minutes of the meeting at westhillwhistler.wordpress.com Continue Reading »

Seven Dials residents have begun a David and Goliath battle with Network Rail. The Hove Cutting Campaign was launched to stop Network Rail from destroying lush vegetation and thriving wildlife along the steep railway cutting that runs between Dyke Road bridge and Montefiore Road bridge in Hove. The proposed project is scheduled to begin on 29 February. Residents hope that local councillors will help bring the two sides together at a meeting to put pressure on Network Rail management to consider alternative ways to achieve their objective of maintaining the safety and efficient use of the track without outright destruction of the rail-side vegetation. Continue Reading »

Fast News

Fun in Action for Children

FunFun in Action for Children is a small registered charity providing a one-on-one befriending service to children from disadvantaged lone-parent families in Brighton.

The work of the charity involves recruiting, assessing training and supporting reliable and trustworthy adult volunteers from the local community to befriend children on a long-term basis and provide them with the extra support, encouragement and opportunities they need to help overcome their difficulties and fulfil their potential. Continue Reading »

West Hill Doors

Thanks to intrepid 13-year old Abby Hunt of West Hill Street who sent in this montage of West Hill Christmas door decorations. 

West Hill Doors



The Great Sixteen

Peter Batten celebrates the great Muggsy Spanier…

My title will probably mean nothing to most of you. Even if you are a jazz fan your enthusiasm and knowledge may not extend back much beyond the 1950s. It refers to a series of recordings made between 1939 and 1940 by a jazz band called ‘Muggsy Spanier and His Ragtimers’.

Muggsy Spanier

Muggsy Spanier

Muggsy, real name Francis Joseph Spanier, was born in Chicago in 1906. By the early 1920s he was already a professional cornet player. He was to continue playing that instrument for the rest of his career, although most cornet players had switched to the trumpet by the end of the 1920s. Chicago at that time was becoming the jazz centre of the USA. Many influential jazz musicians had come up the river from New Orleans, including Joe ‘King’ Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and the young Louis Armstrong. Jazz bands could be heard at night in many parts of the City. Muggsy soon became an accomplished jazz soloist. Continue Reading »


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